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“At MaxSpeed Track Days we provide our customers with the facilities, information and coaching to enhance their high speed driving skills in a safe, yet exhilarating environment.”

We are committed to getting you on track safely and providing the best track time and driver education in the HPDE industry. Customer service is job one and we aim to foster a friendly community for fellow enthusiasts to get the most fun from their time at the track. Novice through Advanced, there's something for everyone at a MaxSpeed Track Day.

Costs vary by track location and season, but $350 to $700 represents an average two day event. Exact costs are available when posted in our events section

You can expect three hours of daily track time, limited attendance and access to excellent instructors during your MaxSpeed Track Day. We provide coffee and donuts prior to our morning drivers meeting and refreshments all day long in our hospitality pavilion. 

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making our inaugural event

so successful.

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